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    What our wonderful friends have to say about AccessMe

    AccessMe revolutionizes how we tap into the knowledge and tools of Access Consciousness. It provides an easy way for everyone to discover and interact with classes on a wide range of life-changing topics, making them readily accessible at our fingertips.

    I value innovation that simplifies life, and AccessMe does just that — intuitive, convenient, and brimming with incredible content I had forgotten existed. I can now be instantly facilitated on any topic with just the touch of a button!

    Diva Diaz


    What I find so exciting about the new AccessMe app is how easy it makes all of the tools of Access to be available in a heartbeat. I can search by topic or particular class and in an instant have access to all these tools to change basically anything going on in my life. I love it!

    Christopher Hughes


    The Access Streaming App is finally here! What a GIFT to have 20 years of classes at my fingertips with ease! No matter what, I can find something that shifts my perspective and gives me the most valuable thing in the world: more awareness, more choice, more possibilities and more of ME!

    Megan Hill


    AccessMe is a game-changer, offering direct access to the tools from Access Consciousness. With the ability to search and stream classes on any aspect of life - be it business, relationships, or money - It’s all available on the app. This doesn't just open the door to consciousness; it removes the barriers entirely.

    Dr. Anthony Mattis


    What I most appreciate about the AccessMe app is its ease of use. Simply log in, select a topic, and start streaming content on any device. It's perfectly suited for those who love learning on the go.

    Dr. David Kubes


    As a leading facilitator for Access, our target has always been to spread consciousness worldwide, and AccessMe now enables us to achieve this on a grand scale. The app's content is unparalleled and truly priceless. How did we get so lucky!?.

    Kalpana Raghuraman


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